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Wapiti Metalworks is a small business that provides custom CNC milling of metal components and parts for industry as well as private customers. We utilize a Mori Seki CNC mill and a Kitamura CNC mill for producing metal componets from drawings and diagrams. We offer customized personal service for your milling needs including engineering and design services.

We are a small, minority owned and operated business with years of experience and education. Customer satisfaction and work is guaranteed.

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We manufacture custom, small and mid-sized components from acrylic, plastic, aluminum, steel etc using CNC mills to our customers dimensions. We use multiple computer software packages in reviewing proposals for design, measurement, CNC programming and production of custom and small order parts.

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Wapiti Metalworks Inc.
115 Trappers Lake Drive
Divide, Colorado USA 80814-9777

Phone: 719-687-3944

Hours: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

How To Order

We do not take credit cards currently but do take money orders, checks or cash on delivery. We require a down payment for large orders or orders with expensive materials/tooling over $500. Most of our customers come from MFGQuote.com, however, we will take orders over the internet, email or phone or in person.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: